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Agrinz technology:

We live in an era in which the topics, environmental impact
and waste disposal are posing society with ever-increasing problems. Climate change is a global topic and concerns all of us.
The fossil fuels oil, coal and natural gas have two significant disadvantages:
They are finite and their combustion produces emissions damaging to the climate with enormous consequences and costs. The expansion of renewable energy sources is therefore not only sensible, but advantageous to the entire economy; indeed even imperative.
Within the activity field of renewable energies the main emphasis is on the utilization of biomass.
The focus is on the production of fuels like biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel. In particular biogas is one of the most efficient source of energy which allows a great variety of uses.
Central subject of the activity field is to increase the efficiency by
combining the different technologies, e.g. combination of bioethanol or biodiesel plants and biogas plants.
Our plant is basis is a modular and expandable plant
conceptualization, which allows every relevant way of operation.
Decisive criteria for the realization of the plant are the technology
implemented as well as the economical and ecological operation concept.